TONY TOUCH - Slaughter Session lyrics

rate me

Yeah 50 MCs

We back at it again

You know, you know

You cannot put this project out without me

If anyone of you players in here oppose me

I tell you season the park like D rose me

Call me the original gangster OG

I split your head to the white meat, oak tree

That’s where my legacy starts, where you ever begin

I’m taking over thins franchise like Jeremy Linn

Y’all nigger buying you own albums you pay to sell

You dare to compare an Alfa to a Beta male?

You lames aren’t as hot as me, look to other progression

I turn your brain to cottage cheese, bug some brain injections

Maybe that neighbor piss ain‘t just gonna work if you fucking stomp me

Looking like some brought up homework,

I’m the flyest nigger flying here

Pioneer, you dying here

I am where the God ain’t with an iron

Just me and Tony Touch sipping Patrone out of style

50 MC how many fats can Tony touch

Stretch your holes while I stretch the codes

Are we nuts? I’m the opposite of homey sluts

I don’t give a fuck when they shooting I’m Kobe Clutch

Put them on mute when they know the boss is speaking

I will come back before I’m supposed to

That’s how I leave them leaking

Pussy you tampon I’m insane

All these portoricans

Yeah they know I’m in church and ignore the decant

I’m the god of the west coast

Y’all niggers rapping over there

House game matching the escrow

Nigger my neck blow

Like ODing on coke

You get the neck blown

I run these MCs like master Jay

Don’t get it backwards like Paul Revere

MCA aka Simmys and Clips

I fuck long beach inside the sand

You have now been tuned it

What have been tuned in

To the most informant

To be going, human being on going

I’m listening to everybody’s favorite grind

It’s the only remix

Hop in and make it mine

I’m mister never from the hood

No Mercedes son

It’s the new misses

Just hope that you’re taking fine

Stick it from behind until they taste the slime

So gangsta, pussy chicks don’t wanna fuck with me

Like I care?

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