TONY TOUCH - Sauce Money Freestyle lyrics

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(feat. Sauce Money)

"You're the best there is" (who the fuck else could it be)

"You're the best there is"

[Sauce Money]

Uh don't get it twisted, you know I'm just a fly nigga

Don't even wonder why nigga, I'm a Bed-Stuy nigga

Do or die nigga, take a slug for my nigga

If I got to die, inside I cry nigga

Sauce spit for the now and laters

Spit for the heavyweighters, spit for ballers and playahaters

Spit for muthafuckers who rock gators

Spit for niggas on the come-up playin corners and elevators

Nuttin to lose, so what's to choose

Never discriminate, spit for niggers and Jews

If it's pennies to clock, spit for Guineas and Wops

Spit for hoes that's addicted to Henney and cocks

Spit for threesomes and little dicks who like to watch

Been spittin this way since the days of Koch

Spit for Jaguars, Ranges, eights and drops

Spit for uncles, nephews, moms and pops

Spit this biz for cats who need the brick wit wiz

Mistresses who don't know who dick this is

I spit for clicks who empty they clips for kicks

For mothafuckers on the block screamin "That's that shit!"

Tony Touch, Sauce Motherfuckin just too much

Middle Finger U, ya heard?

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