TONY TOUCH - Masta Killa Freestyle lyrics

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(feat. Masta Killa)

Intriguing to the ear, but bitter to the heart

As I begin to take part in the art of dart throwing

Starring the Wu-Tang swordsman

Day two breaks, it's a stormy monday

My ninjas lay in revines and ditches

Underneath shrubs and leaves they breathe through underwater wreaths

The enemy walks above, I remain sub-terrained in mud

Off-shore banks tanks approach the location

Bombed by the circle of death formation

Communication lines are sniped from these low altitude strikes

And large inhalements of shrapnel, fragments of shell

Inhale these highly venomous thoughts that I propel

Through the north facility, the city must suffer

At the hands of the chief's command volts are sent

At three minute intervals the heat intenses

Deadening the power from electrical fences

The fences are down, knowledge material lies through the sound

Revealing the skill that causes the ground to tilt, feel the tension

Blistering quills are scorching

You could never stomach the eruption of god dimension

Science is the study of all things

Knowledge my sword swing, guns go off in the east wing

It's a blessin' to deliver this lesson

Who's restin'?, you've been summonsed to awaken

A nation of sleeping giants who are clients to the devil's civilization

Migration expands my plan to the maximum capicity

Killarmy, nothing can hold we

From launchin' out over the earth and disperse

In the triple darkness niggaz return unscathed

At ease and as you were

But the thought of be able to breathe and leave these worldly possessions

Have emcees fret to step in my direction

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