TONY TOUCH - Guru Freestyle lyrics

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(feat. Guru)


Yeah, Gurizzi up in the house, Gang Starr forever

(Gang Starr) New York City. Mm-hmm

Fuck the fame and the bright lights and all that

(Yeah them fuckin chicken-head bitches) I'ma do this here

I come off, like my sweatshirt when I'm workin out

MC's be workin out, no doubt

You shouldn't come around cause I'll beat you down

To the ground with this lyrical four-pound

Yo, I'm right in your streets, like Urban Outreach

Rhyme perfection, injectin like the doctor

Rocked ya, and then shot ya, blao-blao!

Whatever you've got, I got more

You're insecure, motherfucker!

And now your facin, yes, your ultimate challenger

The Avenger, your fate is on my calendar

Notice this spirit I posess is more than holy

I'm Gifted Unlimited... fuck the rest you niggaz know me

My mic illuminates your whole spectrum

Crush your dome section, punks I wreck em, mics I bless em

I don't why, MC's would come and test the INI

Master of self, my wealth, is just my state of mind

I stack my loot, just for the rainy day

And you can pull out your forty, for rappers I slay

I bring the BOUNTY BACK!

And then I give my thanks, for just being black

I got the knack, the rap format, to bust your corpuscles

Piecin through your fuckin snorkel

Even if its goosed-down, you get run out of town

The apparatus gets blessed, suckers get put to rest

No more of the impure I got the cure for this mess

The wackness is spreadin like the plague

MC's they wanna get paid, but they can't make the fuckin grade

How many times are wanna be's gonna try?

Yo, they must wanna die cause they can't touch the knowledge I personify

I travel through the darkness, carrying my torch

The illest soldier, when I'm holdin down the fort

For some time now, I held the scrolls and manuscripts

When I start to go all out, you be like, "damn, he flipped"

Now I'm sick, and fed up with bullshit

I got that lyrical Full Clip, givin the verbal ass-whip

so don't trip, Its the Gifted one, spliff-ted one

Alias Bald Head Slick, why is niggaz on my di-dick?

Cause I be iller than a komakazie pilot, don't try it

I'm about to start more than a fuckin riot

Styles unsurpassable, and knuckers thats suckers

Yo, the motherfuckers is harassable

For I be speakin from my parables and carry you beyond

The mic's either a magic wand

or it gets tragic like the havoc of a nuclear bomb

And I read your palm, no pulse your dead

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