TONY TOUCH - Freestyle lyrics

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(feat. Noreaga)


Tony Touch, Iraq, Iraq, 50 MC's...

A little bit a thugs is all it takes

to make this industry just brake *repeat*

What, what, what poison arrows

Swords and lords, yo, but really

My Mac-milly, spray niggaz, lay niggaz

Yo the Cognac, make you feel unbeatable

Yo, especially, when that ass drunk too much

I call up Tony Touch, Tony Touch bring the next dutch

Yo I'm all fucked up, bent and can't think

While you both stink, don't even care that you sink

Yo impulsive, exclusive, high explosive

Can't even get with, shit I dealt wit

I'm on some other shit, my main script describe the foulness

Panama Canalness, what, yo, I, don't even talk so I'm far from the loudest

Kid, nigga, can't touch this, rush this, yo what

[talking: yo, switch the beat, now, bless it]

What, I'm bout to fuck shit up, what

Fuck it up *repeat 3*


We on the lines like the internet

Many will come but few was chosen

Against my set, there ain't a nigga yet

Smoke so much niggaz say I need Nicorette

You say bogie, but you used to say cigarette

Now I know, a new religion, a new beginning

I own women, three-fourths rock and linen

This Middle East shit, father beat shit

Release this, the only place in the world, that pull out cracks pieces

We rock camels, split that ass in text

Yo we bag bitches after we fuck em and say thanks

Yo thanks for havin me, next week your straight grabbin me

Swearin they homeless, sayin that the havin me

I don't, wanna crawl at all

You wanna be a thug, you used to play ball

Runs the play for Seton Hall

Now, outta the blue, you got thug in you too

Yo I knew you, your size shoe was ?due in voodu?

Always, smell like shit, used to call you doo-doo

Never came oustide, in the crib you hide

Scared to death

While we played manhunt, to our last breath

I never chose this life, it chose me

What, LFC, heavy amount with jewelry

Crime Syndicate, nigga livin this

Never mention miss ?

Smoke rain bodies, you had to saw before, before

Yo, you on my dick, I had the lime green on

With the string on, with fatigue on

Fresh Avirex's, cockpit, now from the outlet

Jose Luis Emperor, two shots I blow ta Dillinger

No real Kings like John Dillinger, the politic

What, I'm on some ides in the militant

You either with me or against me

That in between shit make the money stop too intensely

So what the deal is, the generals what the deal is

What the deal is, the devilish thought you can't kill this

[Tony Touch:] Till Capone comes home

What niggaz, Iraq...realize that...

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