TONY TOUCH - Dimelo lyrics

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arroz con pollo!

café con leche!

Yo! aint nothing change but the weather

you can say whatever

ask around man

i been in this game forever

cuz i rep my peeps like che guevera

and i bring it to geeks that claim theyre better

trendsetta, known to rock a party

and drop a lil jewel like robert marley

original like atari im sorry

but dudes aint messing wit T

they hardly got their feet wet

me i get respect

east west, they be like he's fresh


aqui esta tú papo me muelve yo

im knockin' crews out they shoes

oh gee homes pay lots of dues

staying on my ground making lots of moves

now im buying out the bar up in babalu


que tu quiere huh? dimelo!

que tu quiere what? dimelo!

que tu quiere mas? dimelo!

que tu quiere ah? dimelo!

un balo, un trago

aqui yo quiero un trago

un balo, un trago

aqui yo (??????)

lo que me van a dar

que me lo (?????)

mr. Capicu with another heater

you know how we do

straight mantequilla

up in your spot

the big drum beater

ay bendito, live from new york city/Puerto rico

fresh off the plane from London Heathrow

nothing but net when I bust my free throw

you know what it is

and whats best of all there’s more to give

the best of ya’ll better call it quits

cuz I tear the roof off of all the gigs (say word)

crazy bum since 80 um

I do what I do to get the ladies drunk

Make the track (???) when I lay the drum

Now give it up for the greatest one!


Yeah I be in the zone like nina symone

Team touch in a league of my own, so leave it alone

Never caught up in the heat of the moment

On the runny like nore and capone

And I’m known to hold my own weight

Like kid capree do me and control my own fate

Some gon’ love it, most is gon’ hate

But I’m gonna keep shuttin’ them down like all day

No foreplay I go straight for the gut

Catch me on the road trynna make me a buck

See a lot of these rappers is fakin’ the funk

So I handle my biz and I’m breakin’ them up


You’re favorite dj’s favorite dj

Tapes on Ebay live from BK

He said she said more bochiche

Don’t do as we do, do as we say!


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