Tony Joe White

Tony Joe White - The Gift

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I was sitting in a grave yard late one night,

I didn't know why

Had an old guitar and a bottle of wine

Diggin' that moon hangin' in the sky.

Kudzu growin'

Had a little tune going through my head

Then I started to cry

Burden layin' heavy on my heart

Too much on my mind.

I was staring out at the shadows

When a tall woman appeared

Heard her whisper, we know why you're here

All around you they're gonna gift you

Then the guitar was in my hand

Everybody's singin' with their soul

Can see the release on all their faces

But they knew it was time to go

They left me there.

In the cold gray dawn.

I felt like a man walking in his sleep

Headed back to my car.

But now I had a shotgun rider

She said: I ain't goin far

I hope you remember what you've seen here.

Boy, as long as you live.

I'm gonna have to leave you now

But you've got something to give

Thanks to Brenda and Steve ❤ for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to writers tony joe white / ricky ray rector for correcting these lyrics

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