Tony Joe White

Tony Joe White - Holed Up

rate me

silver airstream

Lock on the door

Telephone rings

Don’t answer no more

Dishes in the sink

Chicken bones on the floor

I may be losing it

I don’t need it no more

Holed up

Just holed

The grass is high

Weedeater broke

Looking out the window

Admiring the growth

Water heater broke

Working up a funk

I go back in the covers

Crawl back in the bunk

Holed up

Just holed up

Baby coming over

Try to clean up my stuff

I'd like to get down

But I can’t get up

Radiator busted

Don’t matter to me

I ain’t going nowhere

Just livin' the dream

Holed up

Holed up

Holed up

Living the dream

Holed up

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Thanks to CalC for correcting these lyrics

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