Tom Vek

Tom Vek - World Of Doubt

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You won’t even feel it you don’t even seem to think

The world is coming for you and you won’t even blink

You say it doesn’t fit you when it fits you like a glove

The end you think that you want isn’t coming how you thought

I need to have you here now I need to have you gone

You’re only here without me instead all the things are wrong

And I have everything you want now these eyes are just the same

I don’t even want to get there cause there’s nothing there to blame

You take it all lightly you take it all like a joke

I don’t really want to think that you’ll have everything revolted

Is the time and we have it all, the truth is coming out

You trust in your own voice and what you feel will come out

But no one really knows you, knows you or what you like

You’re liking what you hear, but it just doesn’t sound right

And I know that you wanted you wanted to be bold

We’re calling on the people but the people have evolved

I know that you need it I know that it is good

There’s a time and place and light where everything is understood

There’s a world of doubt before you all lying on this edge

The lion’s den is open and you won’t even flinch

We know that you are beautiful we know that you are true

You hold it like it’s everything we ever really knew

And no one takes you anywhere yeah no one sees your face

Your face is frowned up like it is about to be erased

Yeah no one needs you anywhere and time heals itself

I have it all on file in a folder now

I know that it’s all right now I know that we are true

I have my thoughts behind me and they’re really quite cruel

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