Tink - Circle The Block

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Ft. Timbaland

(Intro: both)

What's up Timbo, you headed to this money? Yeah, I be workin'

Talk some business with me, what's goin' on, man, how 2016 feelin'?

What you mean how it's feelin'? It's feelin' great, it's feelin', like, it's feelin' epic to me

In otha words, we finna kill these niggas, basically

Basically, you are right. We are about to crush these niggas & show these niggas the new wave

(Verse: Tink)

Seven years since Mike died what a betta time to go pop a hoe

Any nigga wanna run game put the dot up on him like a domino

No Dominic's but I bag niggas like mama duty with the similac

Soccer van with a hit man & his aim betta than the quarterbacks

Quarter cost me like 7 grams bitches failin' like bad exams

Niggas scorin' for the fuckin' team & we will pinch your face like it's Maybelline

And I'm hands on with this dirty work

Sleep a nigga anesthetic

Off top if I see the opps then I'm rushin' at them like a paramedic

Parasailing when I'm out of town

Dogs with me no Charlie Brown

Biting hoes getting exposed cos' they couldn't make it with their own sound

You the middle man & I am the plug, right now fuck a next up

Rap niggas keep sneakdissing like Tekken they gon' catch one

Pear nigga can't come here light him up like he Time Square

Kick him out like I'm Gucci Mane, Timbaland & Tink in that tinted Range

And it's hot

Circle the block

I'm from the city where niggas get dropped for bein' the cops

We high as hell & it's YSL just drippin' sauce like that

And I love a man who can understand how to give me head with no sex

Cos' them bands on me like a weddin' ring & these hundreds bluer than BB King

And this money comin' like 'vamanos' so I can't relate to you common hoes no shade

Damn no shade

(Verse 2: Tink)

Ok, Tim told me no violence

But they want more so I go to war & I neva needed no alliance

These bars harder than prison gates I will take you out like a dinner date

No dinner date but she's nervous cos' her main nigga's observin'

Still countin' up old money my hitter movin' that snow bunny

We a small team holdin' big beams got to watch a nigga when they buddy buddy

Sidebar where the champagne toastin' up to my campaign

You know gettin' paid is that J-O-B & my niggas bustin' like KOD so don't do it

(Outro: both)

Don't do it don't do it

You got to let niggas know sometimes just be cool hmm

Yea the new wave & they gon have to keep up one way or the otha Tim

Anyone can get it

You damn right and so you know what I mean by that so anyone can get it

Let's go get them

You got to go get them let's go get them

What we waiting on


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