Tinashe - Energy

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(Verse: Tinashe)

I've been playing so shy

You've been running the game

Said I've been stuck on yo mind

Baby, don't play

We love Saturday nights

Where they're making it rain

In the deep of the night

Storm is coming my way

(Pre-Chorus: Tinashe)

Hit me up, ready to roll

Still early out, we're still good to go

Feeling right, I'm feeling right

Come here tonight, come here tonight

(Chorus: Tinashe)

Baby, hit me like lightning

Feel my body flowing into me

Gonna feel it inside me

Light me up, ya give me energy

(Post-Chorus x4: Tinashe)

I'm feelin' right, come here tonight

(Verse 2: Tinashe)

Let yo mind fly

Taking this shit how I like

It's been a sweet, sweet life

Goin' to neva let ya go

Neva want to see ya cry

Neva goin' to say good bye

I'll neva believe a thing ya say

But ya know I like it anyway



(Post-Chorus x4)

(Verse 3: Juicy J)

She showed up in a trench coat

With nothing on underneath that

I cut her up like a chainsaw

And lay that wood like a lumberjack

That grade A, keep you coming back

She 'bout that action, didn't come to chat

When the lights go out, we go back to back

Sweating like we've been running laps

We doing jumping jacks, we doing yoga

She exercise, she eat yoghurt

She read books and watch Oprah

I let her ride me, I'm her chauffeur

She whine fine, she classy

She rock designer clothes, drive foreign cars

My private movie star

She put on a show and we record it all

And ain't nobody got to know our business

Tell them haters go mind they own

We stay shining on 'em, no rhinestone

We ride private jets and switch time zones

Your friends jealous, don't get it twisted

Ain't no secret, they in they feelings

But I bet they'd give up both kidneys

If they could be in your position



(Post-Chorus x4)

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