Tinashe - Bullet

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Saw you in the corner, already I wanna see

What you can handle all night (night)

Call me little tinder*, finger on the trigger

And you're the one that got in my sight (sight)


I may not always get what I need, no

But I get what I want, guaranteed, so


This bullet got your name on it (x2)

I'mma take my aim on it

Gone and put yo name on it

Don't* no love till it hit ya

You can run, I'm still gon' getcha (getcha)

This bullet got your name on it (x4), name on it

(Verse 2)

Act like you don't need it, boy, I don't believe it

Seen the way you're lookin' at me (me)

Yeah, I know your body, it must be a challenge

Not to put yo hands on me (me)




I'm gonna get you, boy

I'm gonna make you my luva

It is inevitable

I'm gonna getcha



* = highly uncertain

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