Timid - Pennington Street

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My child is gone

and nothing can gring him back.

He was the gold in 20

a good kid in school

16 just beggining to live

now he's gone away from here

He was closer to baing a man than most of us ever get

Now he's gone away from here

with his mother I share the tears

Now all I want are happy endings

Please, there is nothing left for me to see

Walk the streets of gold with me

because now all I want are happy...

Its not fair what happenned to joe

He was stronger than I'll ever know

"He'll get better" I told myself

the last time that I saw him alive

Now he's gone away from here

Halloween will not be the same

the day that would change his fate

Now he's gone away from here

with his loved ones I share the tears

now the words seem clear

what the message was

I cannot give in

I cannot give up

now the world sees him

as a tragic loss

He did not give in

He would just keep going on...

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