Time And Distance

Time And Distance - Snap

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stole my ticket to dallas,

said i couldn't have this..

you said i'd never make it there,

but i'm calling from a pay phone there..

caught a ride from a friend who said she didn't mind to pretend to be a spanish driver..

and she looks like minnie driver..

and i think that she cares for me the way i used to care for you..

in the center of it all again,

don't ask,


or we'll never win..

because the world is just a stage,

and this letter's just a page long..

much longer than the one before,

the one you left crumpled on my bathroom floor..

it said 'don't go anywhere..'

too late,

i'm already there..

and i think that she loves me,

but i wish you loved me too.

life on the edge is hard enough,

i don't want to worry about what's going on with you..

don't wanna miss my rendezvous with rhonda..

she booked my flight to san jose,

but we both know that's not a place in mexico..

but it's a place i'd like to go..

and i think we're getting married tomorrow..

so do you have three hundred dollars i could borrow?

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