Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin - Angry (Feet)

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Sometimes I get a bit angry<br />

But you couldn't tell, no you couldn't tell<br />

Unless you looked real closely<br />

Sometimes I get a bit angry<br />

But it's alright, yes it's alright<br />

Cause I keep it out of sight<br />

Inside, deep inside<br />

<br />

I breast fed 'til I was nine<br />

Which my WANK... doctor says is fine<br />

And he also says I'd deal with anger better<br />

If I wrote about myself in a poem or a letter<br />

<br />

My mother was a STUPID BITCH... caring lady<br />

She taught me all I know<br />

Although I was a little slow, she never gave up<br />

She never let me Slut down<br />

Although she spent a lot of time at the neighbour's house<br />

When my dad was out of town<br />

<br />

I didn't walk 'til I was seven, or talk 'til I was ten<br />

But neither did Napoleon, according to my WANK fucking doctor<br />

Who has certificates in frames<br />

To substantiate his Dodgy Fucking... claims<br />

<br />

My father left my mother for the love of a PANTANG... nother<br />

And I have a Bastard brother who I've never really known<br />

Because me dad moved up to Queensland<br />

And he doesn't have a Bullshit You Fat Cunt... telephone<br />

<br />

In primary school I had trouble making ASHTRAYS... friends<br />

An issue which has become somewhat of a trend<br />

The origin of which I can not pretend does not perplex me<br />

Although my WANK Fucking doctor says it's cool<br />

And that loads of "Fat Prick!" "SHUT UP I'm NOT FAT"... kids at school<br />

Have problems with communication<br />

And that of course some medication would be wise<br />

And combined with more honest self expression<br />

Could help me with my issues with emotional repression<br />

And at a hundred and eighty bucks a session<br />

I think I'll take the Theiving Wank BASTARD chap's advice<br />

<br />

I quite like Porn... photography<br />

And books on GUNS... history<br />

And I'd like to be a POLITICIAN... vet<br />

And I feel as I get older<br />

I'm more in control of my violent tendencies<br />

And when I die KILL... and when I die<br />

I'll have no regrets<br />

<br />

And I feel that all this writing<br />

Is really Poofy exciting<br />

And my Wank... Wank doctor would be proud<br />

Because I feel a lot less angry<br />

And I'm saying stuff out loud<br />

And I'm letting anger out<br />

Like today in our last session<br />

When I taught the Wank a lesson<br />

'Cause he said I'm not progressing<br />

Said I wasn't moving forward<br />

So I said, "Let's see how you move without your fucking legs."<br />

And I tied him to his chair<br />

And I pulled out my machete<br />

And I listened to him beg<br />

And then I cut his fucking feet off<br />

And while he laid there bleeding<br />

I used his feet to kick him in the head...

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