Tim Kasher

Tim Kasher - 2 A.M. lyrics

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Sleep has poisoned me

With drunken insecurities

I've forgotten why I called you

I guess to say hello

Or maybe just to let you know

I've got no one to talk to

I've got no one... to talk to

And it's just as well

You let me go

At least you got a story you can tell

To all your guys who pull up your shirt and rub your thighs

Well I guess I just called to say hi

Staring at the phone

I wonder if you've gotten home

Maybe you've always been sleeping

I'll give you one more try

Maybe just to say goodbye

I'll find someone else to live through

I'm bored with myself

I only wanted to be you

I'm intimate with your machine

I memorize what it says to me

“Kate and I are busy right now

But I'm sure we'll get a hold of you some time”

Well I guess, I just called, to say... good-bye.

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