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Tim Easton - C-Dub lyrics

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Yeah, C-Dub has the blues for Mrs. Charlie

And she's just as fine as any Carolina Moonlight

And every time he's gonna pass that way

He starts to pine from miles away

But that's a married woman, son

You better make some other plans today

Yeah, it started last September

That's as good as anytime to fall in love

You just wake up on a road one mornin'

And by that far you can't imagine travelin' another mile

And you find yourself a good thing in town

Oh Lordy, settle down

But C-Dub he went and fell in love, oh

With the prettiest girl in town

And for a travelin' man, I tell ya

Thats a big mistake

Because she's not bound to be alone

And sure enough there's a man waitin' back there

That does not want C-Dub around town

He's a-lucky to be alive

Yea he's a-lucky he can still breathe a word

But these days are the same as most days

A man might have a pistol aimed at you

"I'm gonna take one shot son

And your travelin' days will be through"

But lucky for C-Dub

The husband was not a good shot

And the bullet took his wife instead

So the people took that man up the river

And soon he met his own death

Let this be a lesson to you young men on the road

You gotta leave those, leave those married women alone

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