Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley - Strange street affair under blue

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Just for you with your open hands

Waiting for the touch of man

Clutching with your blackened gloves

You try to capture all the doves

That flee into

The forest before you

You wish to catch and cage me now

I wonder if you remember how

Hard it was to say the names

Of mirror dreams and cheated games

And on the wall

You framed your first lover

Your form intrigues me with the glow

I'll remember you I know

Though I forgot to lock the chain

Around you with a prayer for rain

To bring the call

To drive you back into my bed


She turns away

Telling me to follow for a while


She waits

You'd be touched if you would touch

But you only reach and taunt

Will my taste stay grey and blue

If I try to turn from you

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