Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley - Come Here Woman

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You caught me staring so gently

You tease me and turn away

Unlike the young ones

Your movements you savor

Like a tango

My hideaways are longing for you

You shyly conjure

These moments surrounding

Keep me tonight

All your practiced ways you secretly entice me

Come here woman!

Like an old window

I need a little shade

Like an old tomcat

Lord I love to parade

Like a broken old man

Lord I need sun

Ah, I need you darlin'

Cause I just ain't done

While wheel waters set

Now my blood yearns

Your mouth opens woman

Give me broken lies

When you don't feel pain

Let me smell your thighs, mama

Let me drink down a little rain, man

While we're drifting cold

Out beyond the seas

We wither time into a coil of fear

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