tili t

tili t - playa

rate me

he liked my hair

he likes my nose

he loved to kiss my lips when his girlfriend wasnt home

he played me like a fool

so bad i cried

i know it was soo damn cruel

how dare you i liked you

you made me think i could i have you

you touched me i thought you loved me

you didnt even care i was even there

I should have known you were a playa

your tried to win her love my love el's love

but you dont care cause your a playa

you couldnt even tell her couldnt even do it

never should have done it wit you

knwoing u did it wit other chicks

down on the low

calling them a stupid hoe


yeah yeah playa

yeah yeah

you playa games on me

i should have called 911 to take you away for rape i let you

you let me

you playa

dont hate fee

you dont love me

you didnt love me

you couldnt even love me

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