Tiana - First True Love

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You know, I've waiting so long

So long to let you know how I really feel

I've always wanted to let you know

I've always cared for you

I'm still in love with you

Your the only one in this world

I consider my first true love

And if you come back to me

I'll always be waiting

Today, tommorow and forever

I've always wondered where you are

Knowing that I'm so in love with you

I hope you come back to me some day

I'll always be waiting in a special way


First true love is the one I'm thinking of

It's because it's my first true love

And baby it's you

Repeat (1x)

I wonder if you feel the same

Always thinking of me day by day

I hope your in love with me

And hope your not blind to see

The possibility of you and me

Chorus (2x)

I see the people standing all around me

They feel the music baby they have found me

But I know the truth, and baby it is you

Oh baby can't you see that I am crying

My heart is hurting please now help me find the love I had

When I was with you

Chorus (2x)

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