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Theophilus London - Figure It Out lyrics

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Feat. Blood Orange, The Force Mds


I've been running away from you for hours

I've been running away from myself

Can you believe in us? Worth fighting?

By ourselves, wanting to be more

(You can skip to the end)

(And then have time for yourself)

(If that is fine for you)

(Can't answer to yourself)

(I just can't be like, somebody you know)

With me is the only time she could be worth it

I don't know how I can get it, figure it out!


Tell me something that you think it's wort it

(Worth for me) So we can figure it out

So we can figure it out

So we can figure it out


The more you treat me, I adore you

That's why I remind when these things for you

When I wedged the doors, I caught you on a Wednesday

Mr. TL on the phone, fuck what your friends say

It's too dumb, it's trending, tell me, if you hear me

Lord, fuck the faith, give up any boredom

I fucked up, it's hard

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