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Monday comes crashing in and all the world looks grey again

faces on the train seem grim when yesterday the same were smiling

another week to kill, another week where time stands still

and shuffling masses feel the chill that comes with their routine

the working scene...

crawled out of bed and then I turned on MTV again

to watch the same songs I can't stand: they sing of love and being happy

look there's another one that sounds just like the other one

the video without a song is being a famous whore

frustrates me more


but at the weekend, well everything will be okay

at the weekend (darling)

at the weekend, I'll tell the world that for five long days I've been wanting to say

(wanting to say, yeah yeah)

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ride upon a five mile tide of surprise and oblivion

or rain or shine I'm waiting at the frontline

I need it, I need it, like you would not believe it

and I'll be dying to change, I'll be dying change my ways

'cos I've been dry for 5 long days

I'll put the world to right, I'll fly like Superman in flight

I'll eat the day and drink the night and everyone will be there with me

this week I've seen it through on auto-pilot just like you

and now there's nothing left to do 'cept anything at all

let's hit the wall


At the weekend, baby baby at the weekend

at the weekend, at the weekend

at the weekend, baby baby at the weekend

at the weekend rock, rock, rock, roll


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