rate me

gift given time, gift given time open to changes in bearing

press covered lies, press covered hearsay, conjecture as detail

set image plan, set image plan owing to rank in the scene


well I'll try, I guess, I'll never be affected like a bigshot

I'll never get the money that they got, and I'll be smiling much longer

and I'll try to see the one last theory on starlust, I'll dine on water and pie-crust

I'll make some sense if it kills me, and I'll be smiling on (V-Day)

tight little line, keep weak and smile, you could be part of the dream, boys

ten second span, ten second stay, rope in and wheel out around you

forgotten pride, stuck making a meal out of a smile and a hairstyle


gift given time, victory is mine, merit and worth, keeping still, keeping strong

covered past, sowing rage, deaden pain, give a shit, zero one, breakdown, flatline


and I'll be smiling on V-Day (x3)

and I'll be smiling on...

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