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she's always busy caring 'cos that's all she's ever done

she's a thousand Florence Nightingales all rolled up into one

and (well) people take advantage but she loves her fellow friend

with a slow, slow count from ten...

when strangers die around her she still cries herself to sleep

and she seldom gets the chance to pick the company she keeps

and the ring around her finger is a ring around her past

and a youth that couldn't last

when people ask if she's OK she doesn't even answer

her mind is set on auto-think, for heaven knows how long

with the body of an angel and the features of a child


she's miles and miles and miles and miles away

she's the miles away girl, 'cos she's the miles away girl

and she slaps miles and miles of smiles on every face

she's the miles away girl, she's the miles away girl

she's the miles away girl, right next to (me)

she send a men to slumber-land with just one little kiss

her silence is refreshing and her honesty is bliss

she's probably clairvoyant but she never had the call

but that's not long at all...

her head's up with the stars because she knows that's where she's heading

the good guys think she's different the rest just think she's weird

she doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep, she's thinking all the while


and maybe you're the angel I knew that you could be

well that must be the reason you bring out the devil in me

deep under the covers, an easy place to hide

and imagine the world isn't really going on outside

but you never seem to have any money 'cos the decent people never get paid

but there's never really ever a problem' cos you can get miles away, miles away, miles away


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