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play, relax, enjoy 'cos we're frying tonight again

it's raw, unclean, uncut and it's all for the art of pain

just make-up there the effects and the movies that twist the brain

my TV screen is dripping red, with gates of hell and evil dead

I cannot wait to see it up close so slice away and go for gross again


it's splattermania, it's extra censored thrills

it's splattermania, it's zoom in on the kill

it's splattermania, I know you think I'm ill

but if you hold on tight and don't be shy

we're drilling brains and pulling eyes

it isn't real, the nation ain't in danger

it's only splattermania

Lucio, you're back, how we missed you when you were gone

oh now it's time to splat like you did in the full beyond

c-c-c-counting down the sickest ways to slice and dice your teenage brain

in trauma-ville the violence mounts to multiply the body count again


splattermania, splattermania, SPLATTERMANIA-yeh-yeh

high rolling


'cos everyone's looking for someone to blame

censorship rules, still the problem remains

(you) watch with your eyes closed and still you complain

'til no-one has an independent thought in their brain

and it's always the same


splattermania, splattermania

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