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when I am lonely, when I am blue, when I am crying tears over you

I just get rolling, I just get by, sky chaser high, hi-hi-hi-high

ten in the morning 'til late in the night, whatever time, feeling all right

I don't get lonely, I don't even try, I just get high - sky chaser high

(oo-la la la, -la la la, -la la la, -la la la, dooo - waaah)

I hope and I pray that maybe one day I'll see it as legally mine

(oo-la la la, -la la la, -la la la, -la la la, dooo - waaah)

but Blair don't got a prick, and Major sucks dick, isn't no wonder it's seen as a crime?

so if you're thinking of someone to kill, just take a line, just take a pill

you don't want no prison, you don't wanna die, get sky chaser high, hi-hi-hi-high

sky chaser high, hi-hi-hi-high... {smokey Sax!}

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