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red light, you're lonely, and nobody cares

I'm tired of hanging round, I'm tired of this old town, and trying to run me up a million ways

I want to take a trip, get on a rocket ship, I'll be a satellite in fourteen days

I take a pack of paracetamol, then I can wait around and feel it all

or I can take some time to get a grip on my mind

take a walk outside, maybe just keep walking at a


red light green light, stuck in a hole,

just might stay tight, I don't wanna know

red light green light, stuck in a hole with you

and there's nothing you can do, you got a

(something spoken ...) nothing new

I got a grin to grip, I got a [walnut whip/ worn out whip/ I gotta want to win] [but/ while] all the monkeys throw their weight around

don't want to share your cup, don't want to beat you up, I'd rather wait a while and beat you down

I put a CD in my stereo, instead of taking the needle

and I can pull right in with the patience I'll win

'cos in an ideal world there'll be no time for ideas, got a



took a bit of time to see, I like being me

so put the clan in shock, get their feelings unlocked

get your wagon to a check in and it's adios amigos, got a


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