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I've had a drink and a smile in every port of heaven

And from 5 on the dial I'm at 8, 9, 10 and 11

I gotta find a way

I gotta fix me a buzz

I've got a pain like a pain

And I want it to stay

Could be mine, could be yours

Could be there any time I want

Nurse, make me well

I come here straight from hell so the ground is yours

I've been through anger, peace and honesty

And all I got was patience – yes I did

But the good's getting better

And the bad are merely minor frustration

I've got to find a way to keep the way I find

‘Coz the chances are good that it won't let you down

Like maybe drinking with keef

Or seeing Dolly Parton's tits

Nurse, make me well

De-louse me, clean me up ‘til I'm free to go

keep it maximum

File under ‘Lost in the truth somewhere'

And you'll find me

I got my hate, and my fear, and my hang-ups

Here to remind me

I gotta climb my way

I gotta kick the crust

I've got to make like I do, like I always did

Keeping time for the kind not designed to waste time

Nurse, make me fine

Remind me that there's never been a better time to be alive

To the better times

To the best times

To the bed times

This sheet is getting sticky

keep it maximum (repeat)

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