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well I pushed on that button but that button was on too tight - right!

that kind of bull shines morning, noon and night

then, I get to see her face again, well that sweet Nita Nitro, she's locos tambien

should I go? should I stay? should I have another try? why?

don't try rules 'cos they do not apply

then, well I get a message from a friend, (well) that sweet Nita Nitro, she's locos tambien


Nita Nitro say goodbye to everything we knew

'cos I don't feel like crying (oo-oo-ooo-oo) and though I may stop trying

Nita Nitro say goodbye to all that we held true

say goodbye to the Rock and Rolls and welcome to the Blues

that you swore you'd never show Nita Nitro (woo-oo-ooo), Nita Nitro (woo-ooo)

well there is nothing like a person who reminds you of yourself

if you wish you were anybody else

then, when you get all alone again, well sweet Nita Nitro, you're locos tambien


Nita Ni...

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