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hi! I feel low, like I just don't know which way to go

it's a game, it's a play, and it's waiting to blow any day

'cos I want it, need it, shit it and breathe it

breaking the thorn in my side

with the hollow views and the last week's news

I'm inclined to be blind out of something to do


in the

town - I never get enough of it

town - I only get too much of it

town - I'm falling out of love with it

the price goes up, the lives go down, I'm so sick of London town

cold to the bone, and I still don't know which way is home

and the chains keep me tied to the parasite city of lies

to the fakers, mimers, two-feet climbers, let's drink a toast to the town

when the stories rebound try to hold me down, you

make me thankful for who I am


I used to hear them blowing up the radio, I'd hear the music and I'd go to see the show

it don't mean much to me, all the same

like I'm standing in the crowd with only myself to blame

yeah, should I go for the throat?

or just wade through the quicksand?

of this rock in the wasteland

instead of sleazing around being a Guns n' Rose

while they're choking on whiskey to complete the pose

where'd the good times go?



London town x3

town London town, London town, London town (x3)

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