The Weepies

The Weepies - Hummingbird lyrics

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Always been like a hummingbird

and I can't sit still

Listen up, lover listen up, I never will

Wings move faster than the human eye

And if you could see my heart

well, if you could see my heart,

Kept from flying outwards

somehow I don't know

Wonder I don't come apart

Wonder I don't come apart

Hold out your hand

Yours is the only one that I dare land upon

Stole a ruby necklace

from the chamber of a queen

Distraction for my heart

distraction for my heart

Thrumming like a diver's every time you're near

The only sound I hear, it's the only sound I hear

Sweetness captures honeybees in time

Amber like your eyes, amber like your eyes

Maybe there's a season when I'll taste that wine

A thimble at a time, a thimbleful of wine

<i>[Thanks to Alyssa for these lyrics]</i>

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