The Weeknd

The Weeknd - Dark Times lyrics

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Ft. Ed Sheeran

(Verse: Ed Sheeran)

Wakin' up, half past five

Blood on pillow and one bruised eye

Drunk too much, you know what I'm like

But you shoulda seen the otha guy

(Pre-Chorus: Ed Sheeran)

This ain't the right time for you to fall in luv wit me

Baby I'm just bein' honest

And I know my lies could not make you believe

We're runnin' in circles that's why


In my dark times I'll be goin' back to the street

Promisin' everythin' I do not mean

In my dark times, baby this is all I could be

Don't think my mother could luv me for me

In my dark times, in my dark times

(Verse 2: The Weeknd)

Light one up, let me bum a smoke

Still calmin' down, drippin' throat

I got anotha man's blood on my clothes

But an endless fog's the life I chose



(Verse 3: Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd)

In my dark times I've still got some problems I know

Drivin' to fast but just movin' to slow

And I've got sumethin' I've been tryna let go

Pullin' me back every time

(Chorus x2)

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