The Velvet Teen

The Velvet Teen - The Veil Between lyrics

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What is one all in behind

All looks happy in the eyes yours

And you never lose a side on a dream

In time like that week’s end

All that I never depend

And I turn above the edge

Hear my breath, in silence make a wish

Dourin’ time, know I make instead

To mad on that thing

Put on line, turn the exit

We’ll learn the fall we need to dance

That only know what to stand

Carry me the good stands

My only real steppers,

Know the taste of that sweetest

When the run gets unused

With the banz, let it breath every now

I’ll ever learn

As the time and as the sun

From my own eyes I had learn

Seein’ thou, in the mornin’ wind will rest in the weekend

I got easy to splury, then this turn to a dream

And we finely see the end in between

From this side truth is, you find it in the blue sea

Are you stand in that and earn it?

Then let me to ball, you leavin today

Literally we will stay,_____(?)

Only want to be your best friend

Do we taste and let it sweet

Is when we’ll ball hands in it

Swing the best and hang it on

All of the edge will have you sweet

Is on the run and have what you need

With the best and something else

There is non I ever loved

All the dance will bang it sweet, yeah

When you’re gone get it with me

With the banz, shake it up

Let it beat, now I am alive

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