The Velvet Teen

The Velvet Teen - The Giving in lyrics

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Holdin’ on, did it really cool

No way to feel this, lettin’ go what’s behind

Makin’ of what’s be hindin’

Makin’ for they can find me

Away then come fallin’

All the way with any that angry fully

To the lights or just possesin’

Sometime we burn away and tend in

Line on sure for that death answer

So it goes, givin’ itm burn it away, again and again

No where I’m goin’ to go

All just have to work behind

Each and all will work and bang

No idea of all, and we will run in circle

The melody first time

And then I fall, I fall ya

The world is on my mind

But with the world to say it

I don’t know where to start

It took my breath away

No one can take my heart

Over and find it for me

To rely, we’re just fus in it

Some time we ball away and turn it

And get for sure, I know will get in circle

Even if we get this time

And let it now, know that we’ll burn in night

Out of that way to start

We took a breath and wide it, no one will take my heart

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