The Velvet Teen

The Velvet Teen - Taken Over lyrics

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We're a dozen currents in

The whistling essence, fading light

Whispering dead early in the plenty

We'll type it all anew

Foes surround the burning boulder

Drinking as rascals the world up

We were scoot in like a soldier

We've taken over

Chalk through stones

Never felt good

Then where are you

Whatever I said done

Past lasts all

Sent for a blood hanging

Understand nothing is a portion

Dead and we're all in the moments

Wrinkle, our time ain't a rest point

Floating where all ends are floating

The taking over

Whether you blame me, winkle

The ring in the sand means focus

Flick anything is for check up

We're taking over

Shout for our times

Never thought better

Blame it away

All of us stubborn

Ways fake friend made for a burning again

Time wither

Words form our sepparing

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