The Velvet Teen

The Velvet Teen - In A Steadman Spray lyrics

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it doesn't matter what i say cos every sentence ends in a steadman spray forefinger blackened in song broken blood from an empty vessel they will say what they will say but i've worked as hard as anyone else got the same fire in these veins copper cords, yeah, electric tape chains and tires till you can't sleep and all this to someday never wake up and it never ends, no, it never ends it just hits harder every day and the corporate hands tighten their grasp how can i say anything got no funds, no representation let them take what they will take as we say, thanks so much yeah, everything helps just be grateful you are free to do anything they say oh, the wait this year for the new sundance independent films oh, it never ends, no, it never ends and whow can we ever expect we're getting out when we can't even see what we're inside you've spoken for us, will you speak to us now can we mellow out, will you settle down are we just fooling ourselves too elite for us now you think you're so separate do you hear us down here can you feel it now have we all gone too tourettes to make sense of anything else they can't steal your suffering they can't steal your memories oh the world's gone mad can you feel it now

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