The tallest man on earth

The tallest man on earth - Slow Dance

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And so, two be one to lie to their captain

Sure I'm coming back

But I walk along in need of a treeline

The comfort of the clouds

And they're raging at the beach for some lie

Like the birds, I was different all this time

Ain't ya stopped believin' in bad man?

I turned and I went on

As if lately I still hear the bangs

But not what's going on

I guess they're raging at the beach for some lie

Like the birds, different ____(?) every time

Then I know that I'm a stranger in this land

And I wake you up by speaking while you cannot understand

All, all I said was 'there were mountains in my way'

But they're slowly disappearing and I balance when I feel you to my skin

In times like these even travelers can win

Hew! Hew hew

That's why they be high and juiced when they walk

Just for the backing out

And they're vessel stone and I won't stay

To figure this one out

I bet they're raging at the beach for some lie

And all the birds, they look different at this time

And now I hold on fall is greeting me to stay

And we slow dance in the kitchen and I dream the days away

And just like ______(?), you are right on time

There are louder cities somewhere but I don't think i'll be back

Where we stay, in a place like this I should never feel afraid

It's ok, hoorah, this is Hansel live

Guess my reverend grew

Through my darker time, huh

I was not the killer, I was the one just setting sail

With a fear of sallow winds just turning

That we're with the head

Oh, I was raging in the field for some lie

We're like the birds, lets forget them with this time

And in the sunlight I just can't believe your face

We're some laundry line believers

We're just kids in many ways

And you smell of smoke and honey in my arms

I tumble so far and I learn enough your language

For a say, oh, at times like these I should never grow away

Thanks to Michelle P for correcting these lyrics

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