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The Sopranos Peppers and Eggs movie - Return To Me

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Song by Bob Dylan<br /><br>

Return to me,<br>

Oh, my dear I'm so lonely<br>

Hurry back, hurry back, oh my love,<br>

Hurry back, I am yours.<br>


Return to me,<br>

For my heart wants you only.<br>

Hurry home, hurry home, won't you please,<br>

Hurry home, to my heart.<br>


My darling,<br>

If I hurt you, I'm sorry,<br>

Forgive me<br>

And please say you are mine.<br>


Return to me,<br>

Please come back bella mia,<br>

Hurry back, hurry back, hurry home,<br>

To my arms and my heart.<br>


Ritorna me,<br>

Cara mia ti amo<br>

Solo tu, solo tu, solo tu, solo tu<br>

Mio cuore...<br>


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