The Professionals

The Professionals - Little Boys In Blue

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ittle boys like you, they got a job to do

In a uniform, I'll tell you what to do

Help old ladies across the street

Direct the traffic in the sleep

It's a job that you won't mind

But I'm always working overtime

Come and see me anytime

But you'll have to toll the line

And I'm not quite tense at all

But I'll really have a go

And when I'm walking on the street

You'd like to know just what I think

Don't you think I look a fool?

You should get on back to school

Drinking out down by the yard

You're so tough and you're so hard

If you try, you can feel it

Don't look now, cause you should win em'

Baby-faced and ready to kill

Any boy whose written their will

Excuse me

Little boys like you (x7)

Little boys in blue

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