The Pakk

The Pakk - The Mechanic

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Turn the Wheel, Turn the Screw<br />

It's Just What You Do<br />

Twist The Bolt, Twist The Knob<br />

Man Or Woman, It's Your Job<br />

And You Wanna Make Sure It's Done Right<br />

Even If It Takes The Whole Damn Night, Yea, Yea<br />

<br />

See the Planes, Keep 'em Flying<br />

Keep the Vehicles On The Road<br />

Keep The Ships Moving, Cross The Ocean<br />

And The Trains With Their Heavy Load<br />

You Know Your Motto Is Do Or Die<br />

Whenever You Hear That Perrenial Cry<br />

<br />

All Hail, Hail The Mechanic, Sing It Again I Said<br />

All Hail, Hail The Mechanic, Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea<br />

All Hail, Hail The Mechanic<br />

Give It To Me One More Time<br />

All Hail, Hail The Mechanic<br />

<br />

And Your Job, Is Always Changing<br />

All The New Technology<br />

And Your Life's Always, Re-arranging<br />

But Never Lose The Learning Tree<br />

I Know Sometimes You Feel You Just Can't Try<br />

But It Spurns You On To Hear Their Frantic Cry<br />

<br />

Pounding Dents, WIth Your Hammer<br />

You Do It So Mentalurgicaly<br />

Keep The Panels Straight, On The Spaceship<br />

As You Fly Through The Galaxy<br />

And You Gotta Make Sure The Finish Do Shine<br />

Or Else You'll Hear That Panicked Whine

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