The O.C. Supertones

The O.C. Supertones - What It Comes To

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Every now and then I have a moment of authentication

Reveals the man inside me like illumination

Trial by fire purification

The day I die is the day that it's done

You might not realize when it comes

And only overome it by the grace of the son.

Just try to stand your ground take it head on

Every moment in my life comes down to this one

At a fork in the road only two ways to go

The one untraveled and the one that you know

The broad and the wrong or the tight and the right

So die in the dim or fight in the light

So it comes down to this

Jesus christ was betrayed by a kiss

Judas when he faced his moment he failed

Imprisoned in hell with a bail of three nails

This is what it comes to

It's me against my desires and inclinations

Pass through the fire into salvation

Bring water to the thirsday like irrigation

When you go toe to toe you don't go one on one

But christ in my place in substitution

Showed me his grace propitiation

Heard the devil laugh and he thought he had won

But then came the comeback and resurrection

Listen everybody may I please have your attention

Only the wise will accept instruction

Fools laugh at knowledge and reject wisdom

Inevitably leading to destruction

Now it's on you it's your decision

The forecast of the future is confrontation

The beast or the king like revelation

A battle for your soul like armageddon

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