The O.C. Supertones

The O.C. Supertones - Unknown

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Killin' ourselves faster than fast

Livin' in the future, livin' in the past

I haven't always been in Christ

I know what you're goin' through, man

A couple of years ago I was just like you

Lookin' for answers, but lookin' to myself

Thinkin' that Christians just love Jesus for their health

But, I didn't know about Jesus

I tried to be like God, but when I tried I failed

And every time I fail, and fail

I know I rail a nail straight into the cross of Jesus

Straight into the wrist of Jesus

And now it's 1996, a hard year to be a Godly man

It seems the more I speak The Word, the less they understand

You gotta know about Jesus

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