The O.C. Supertones

The O.C. Supertones - Shut Up And Play

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Religious fanatic, that's what they say

True, I may be on the brink

I hear them yell at us, ";Shut up and play!";

Well, who asked what you think?

No time for mediocricy, convenience, or practicality

He went all aout for us, say what you will

I'll answer to my God.

I'm a freak, they say I've lost my mind

But I know I've never seen so clearly

When I speak, they say I've gone too far this time

Which lets me know, I have not gone nearly.

Bible thumpin' reactionist

And I'm proud to bear the name

Take our music, take away our lives

Jesus still remains

I wonder what will people think

When why hear that I'm a Jesus freak

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