The O.C. Supertones

The O.C. Supertones - Resolution

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I've meant to do this for some time

I've gotta get it right this time

This time my God I will be Yours,

All my heart, my soul, and mind

Been so long since I truly smiled

But You touched my heart today

Reached through my mind of mud and mire

Consumed the idols in Your way

So I am brand new Today, I make my resolution

Been down so long that is seems like up,

I took it now I've had enough

Of the life that I've been livin'

It feels so cold this far away

So Today I will make a change

I will make a change today

Purge my mind of mud and mire

Cast all my gods away

I am brand new today, I make my resolution

Looking back the way I used to be

It was just me and God

Can I be there again?

Today I make my resolution.

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