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The O.C. Supertones - Pefect love

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Do you need someone?

Are you like me?

Do you fall apart?

You're just like me.

Have there been times?

You felt so low?

Don't you forget,

You're not alone,

angels are standing by your bed,

Jesus is watching over you,

He'll never leave that's what He said,

is that what you want cuz I know I do,


I want love,

I want perfect love.

Well I pretend,

I just need me,

I seem so strong,

but it's make-believe,

cuz I've seen love fail,

I've been betrayed,

I've seen love pass,

I've seen love fade,

but I know that God is not that way,

He doesn't change from day to day,

He doesn't fail He doesn't leave and I want that so desperately



He loves broken hearts,

faith like a child,

and now here I come,

with just a broken heart and faith like a child

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