The O.C. Supertones

The O.C. Supertones - Go Go Go

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I don't wanna see the dance floor vacant,

But all my people who are for the movement,

front and center we can smash it up right now.

I'm sendin' this one to my generation,

live you life like it's a celebration,

blind the world with a heart that's like a Son,


We come in Jesus name but I know that you cant say that on the radio,

we don't want it soft we don't like it slow,

so Go Go Goooooo

Never ever be ashamed of your light,

you're a star in a time of midnight,

and everybody's gonna try to put you out,

but they don't understand the way we're livin'

they think we're foolish for what we believe in,

and that might bother me if I cared what they think.

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