The O.C. Supertones

The O.C. Supertones - Father's World

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The only way I know is just to rip it

Oc west coast never comin' with a slick hit

Everything is low-fi the music makes me so high

Comin' from my heart just like I first came out of long i

As the seconds go by allow me just to speak my

Thoughts on many topics all pertaining to the most high

As the music rocks on just let me get my rock on

The preacher gets his talk on we all get our walk on

The whole thing is just lovely so beautiful it's ugly

Gather like a rally put it down for southern cali


This is my father's word whoa let me ne'er forget

That though the wrong

Seems so strong

He is the ruler yet

The supertones rock your world

Supertones rock your car

We got mad plans like hannibal or just george peppard

That's a reference to the a-team

The dream team with the sure shot

If you will allow us we'll break you out like murdock

Rockin' is my occupation

I could blow for longer than the birth of a nation

If there's ever been a question of my dedication

Tremble now before the power of my vibration

Let me keep this very simple every sould is a temple

Who gets the glory there the prince of the air

Or maybe your career

Whom is it that you fear not fear like a gun

but like the heat of the sun

If you fear God then you're wise keep your eyes on the prize

Learn to tell the truth from lies live with no compromise

I like the sound of that now keep yourself on track

Against the tide like luther and we'll never take it back

In this world there will be trouble

And there will be trials but don't fibe up the struggle 'cause

It's only for a while

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