The O.C. Supertones

The O.C. Supertones - Fade Away

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Seems like I spent the past three years,

just struggling with these ideas.

And the more I learn,

the less I really know.

But to the things I do, I will hold tight.

Because I didn't win them

without a fight.

It's all I have and I'm not letting go.

I've never been less perfect than today.

Is my heart or is my mind

what's in the way?

I'm listening with nothing left to say.

Savior make this dimness fade away.

Confusion comes so easily.

Like cancer, it kills gradually.

You can't recall

when the light began to fade.

But I'll grab truth with both my hands,

hold it close 'til I understand,

face the light and will not be afraid.

I'm so much stronger

than I was yesterday.

I can see clearly now.

Lord, make this dimness fade away.

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