The O.C. Supertones

The O.C. Supertones - Everything's Broken

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When my heart is aching

It's the right time it's the right time

And my soul is reaching

It's the right it's the right

Time to dive deep to understand

There is an Adam in every man

This was my garden and I made it die

It's asking me why


But I see tears in all things, everything is broken

I hear them crying, everything is broken

There was a time when the truth didn't have to be spoken

But now everything's broken

This is my confession

It's about time it's about time

Of the world's condition

It's about time, it's about

Time that you see my glory and shame

This world fell through me

But out of flames will rise a new earth

From death will come birth

A cure to the curse


I live in frustration

And it is mine and it is mine

Watch my garden dying

And it is mine and it is

I gave it death and I brought it hell

And there grew a cross to mark where I fell

A day will come when Adam again will pay for my sins


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